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Fan works of 2019 so far

Wow. I really haven't been around, and it's been over a year since I posted any SPN works. Eek!

The Official Unoffical MacGyver Trailer (Seasons 1-3)

The Official Unofficial MacGyver Trailer from dragonfly on Vimeo.

Breathless: Bozer and Riley struggle to help their friend while knowing what he really needed was his helicopter parent. Post S3 finale.
The Hardest Word: Goodbye seems to be the hardest word. Missing scene from beginning of 3x14.

MacGyver: Everyday Superhero

MacGyver: Everyday Superhero (Lucas Till) from dragonfly on Vimeo.

Wolfpack: Suffering from a head injury, MacGyver has trouble remembering and understanding why Jack isn’t around. A/N: I’ve read a few fics where Jack Skypes in weekly, and I thought--what if he calls in and MacGyver is not in the shape that he left him. (Team Love, Papa Jack, Mama Matty)

Mac+Jack+Comfort: MacGyver’s overly exhausted and overactive brain won’t let him, or Jack, rest. (PapaJack and worried Matty). Spoilers for 3x11.

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