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Master Music Video & Fan Fiction Post

All of my work is GEN, unless stated otherwise.
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You Got The Music In You: Don't give up. You got the music in you. [SPN, Psych, NCIS, X-Files and Stargate SG1] SPN S12 Spoilers.


All For One: "My brother, myself, my savior, my friend." Sam and Dean's epic bromance. Spoilers up through 12x14.
Blaze of Glory: "I  never drew first, but I drew first blood." Boys being hawt and kick ass. Spoilers through 10x09.

Up Around the Bend: Impala awesomeness and happy boys! Spoilers through mid-season 8.
Carol of the Supernatural: Take 2:
My second take on COTS. (Sarajevo 12/24) SPN style. Sort of recaps what the boys have been through to mid-season 7. Action vid.
People All Get Ready: "We have all the love in the world, to set a light, to set a light." Love vs Apocalypse. Bring it on. Spoilers through 5.21. **
The Stand:
The boys are back. Spoilers through Lucifer Rising. Promo Kazcon video for S5. **

Breathe: Dean's losses. "I'm alright, I'm alright. It only hurts when I breathe." Seasons 1 &2.
Supernatural Laugh Reel:
Just a few favorite funny scenes through 5.06.
Dean and Julio:
Sam and Dean humor vid. Seasons 1-4.
Fallen: Has Sam fallen, or is he just struggling to make a stand? Seasons 1-4.
Wizards of Supernatural: Trailer action video through 4.10.
Supernatural Fans' Eye of the Tiger:
A group of very dedicated and brave SPN fans showing their love and support for SPN. I was honored to be a part of it!
Destiny Calling: Action video. Spoilers through "Are you there, God? It's me, Dean Winchester."
Bellum Supernatural:
Short action/trailer video. Spoilers through "Jus in Bello"
Dean's Overture:
A day in the life of Dean. Requested by Marcia. **
The Good Fight:
It's not what they fight. It's what they fight for. Trailer vid. Spoilers up to "Road Kill"
Let Myself Fall: "Heart"
vidlet. Sam/Madison
Carol of the Supernatural:
Action vid. Sorta recaps what the boys have been through first 1.5 seasons **

**This Darkness, What If, Everybody Hurts, Superman: It's not Easy


It's Your Love That Brings Me Home: This was it; no demons to fight, no apocalypse to stay, but it was the biggest fight of Dean’s life—and his only weapons were his voice and a lifetime of shared memories. Takes place sometime after 12x03 – so this goes AU after that.
Sammy, Close your Eyes: Dean Winchester could be considered many things: a hero, a flirt, a hunter, but above all these and more… was protector. *10X23 Spoiler*
Of Yesterday: Fifty years from now, Dean waits for his little brother.
Brothers without End: When we grow up, will we still be brothers? AU drabble taking place
immediately after 6.11.
Of Airplanes and Little Brothers:
As Sam heals, and Dean helps him--Bobby reflects. A short missing scene from my story, "Goodnight, Moon"
I'll Take Care of You:
Takes place immediate after **8.19 spoiler** Sam completes the spell in "Taxi Driver" There was one thing Dean was better at than being a warrior.
The In Between: AU version of "Swan Song." There was another destiny Heaven and Hell had never considered.
A Very Supernatural and SG1 Christmas: Just your ordinary Christmas story with ghosts and claw-wielding, flesh-eating monsters. Sam Winchester and Daniel Jackson whump, with of course, Protective Dean Winchester and Jack O'Neill. **
Lost: My version of how Sam might have finally broken down after, "The End." In this version, Dean didn't get a hold of Sam on the phone after the episode.
Thicker than Blood: Tag to "My Bloody Valentine." Written for "Whumped!Sam, Awesome!BigBrother Dean" appreciation month.
Have You Seen Me Lately: There was a part of Sam, deep down, that had never grieved. Spoilers 4.04.
Goodnight, Moon:
Sam was also sounding a little congested--a squeaky sound coming from his little nostrils every time he breathed out. God, it was adorable. They were so screwed. (Down-sized Sam, Multichapter, angst, drama, action, humor, tissue warning.) PDF available here.
Takes place after "Jus in Bello" **
Rise of the Phoenix: He cries out for him. For his brother. Every single night. 5.22 tag

Stay: Tag to "Crossroad Blues"
Holding Home: It was a long time to live without a soul. Tag to "Mystery Spot."
Aeternus Eternus: Missing scenes for AHBL 1 & 2. **
"Even a drowning man clutches at a straw." Tag to "Heart"

Count On Me: You can count on me, like 1,2,3. I'll be there. (Jack and Daniel friendship video) **
What Hurts the Most: Gen or Slash, because wheather best friends or lovers, it can be hard to let someone in. (Jack & Daniel) **
SG1: Trailer/action video **
**Wind Beneath My Wings **, Innocent, 45, Hero, We Go On, A Bad Goodbye, I'll Stand By You **, I Love the World, My Heart Will Go On (Currently Unavailable) **

Celebrate Me Home: SG1 rescues Daniel after he’s abducted and tortured for nearly a week. Daniel has trouble dealing. Warning: Mentions of torture. A bit dark and depressing. (Unlike the sequel) A/N: This is a prequel that concludes in my SPN/SG1 crossover, “A Very Supernatural and SG1 Christmas”

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Twas the night before Christmas and Daniel couldn't sleep.
S is for Sleeping: Sometimes Daniel needs help with the little things--like knowing when to rest.
Just Like Always: Jack and Daniel reminisce during less than favorable conditions. (circa season 8)
A Very Supernatural and SG1 Christmas: Just your ordinary Christmas story with claw-wielding, flesh-eating mosters. Supernatural/Stargate SG1 crossover. **
Elements of Loss: Daniel grieves. Jack helps. Spoilers: Heroes II, Resurrection
The Price of Our Legacy: AU Evolution story. H/C, Adventure, Angst
Waiting on Home: Hurt, lost and alone--Daniel struggles to remember, struggles to stay alive.
There's No Place Like Home: They finally get Daniel back. Icon tag.
Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines: Tag to The First Ones. The team takes care of an emotionally and physically drained Daniel as he deals with his loss.
The Perfect Recipe: Jack, Daniel and Teal'c find themselves in a frightening situation when they try to help a friend.
**Midnight Madness, Don't Close Your Eyes, No More Butterflies
** (NMB is currently unavailable)


Here with Me: "I can't breathe until you're resting here with me." No matter what, their love and loyalty to France and to each other came first. (Team+ video)

Missed you, boss: Tony really, really missed Gibbs while he was Agent Afloat. (missing scene)
Family is as Family Does: What happens when Tony and McGee are abducted and DiNozzo Senior shows up at Gibbs' house to find him caring for his injured son?

Boxed In and Not Five By Five: Gibbs notices that something is off with Tony—other than his bleeding arm. A very short alt ending to the episode “Boxed In.” Not a fix-it fic.

Wild Horses and Ninja Turtles: Missing scene to 02x04 X-Ray and Penny. You did what you had to to protect your family; even from themselves and their restless, ginormous brains.

Woohoo! On Top of the World: Team feel good vid.

Brother, It's your love that brings me home: Jack and Mac video. Lots of caring, lots of saving and lots of protective, papa Jack.

You Can't Stop the Sun: Nick grieves. His CSI family helps. Spoilers "For Warrick"

** Indicates can be found only on my Ancient Obsessions website
** Indicates award(s) won. woot! \0/ The pretties that were made for them can be found here.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural, Stargate SG1 or Atlantis, NCIS, Musketeers, Psych or CSI or any of their characters. Just playing with them. No money made. No infringement intended.
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