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Title: Twas the Night Before Christmas
Author:  dragonfly
Rated:  PG
Genre: friendship, fluff, humor, team
Pairings: Jack and Daniel friendship,
Summary: Twas the night before Christmas, and Daniel couldn’t sleep.
Warning: none
A/N: Christmas prompt (ribbon) from jackwabbit that I forgot I wrote. It’s also loosely based off devra_01 (for once you'll be off for the holiday to celebrate with friends and family) prompt. Thanks, guys! So, though I didn’t post at Christmas, I figured Christmas in July would do.
A/N: This happens to be my second sleepy Daniel story posted in a week. These things happen.


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28 July 2015 @ 07:34 pm
Title: S is for Sleeping
Author: dragonfly
Summary: Sometimes Daniel needs help with the little things--like knowing when to rest.
Characters: Jack and Daniel
Categories: friendship, humor, team as family
Author's notes: I have a bigger fic that I had planned on posting, but the muse would not cooperate. Though this was done in haste, it was done with love. Written for Offworld Alphabet Soup.


The day was mid, the sun was high and it was SG1’s third day on the uninhabited P3X-2-something-rather. Thus far, it was one of Jack’s favorite research planets—it had a beach that went on for miles. The beach was purple, but Jack kind of liked that too.

“Carter?” Jack asked after returning with Teal’c from their very important scouting/site seeing…mission.

“Last two pots, sir,” she answered without looking up from the soil samples she was happily collecting.

“That a girl.” Jack walked past her into the caves where he knew he’d find Daniel. Taking off his sunglasses, he scanned the large, dark cavern.  It was a drastic difference to the bright, inviting skies outside. “Daniel?”

This was supposed to be a relaxing mission. A fun one, dare he say. And it was. Daniel, however, was having a hard time with the relaxing part. He just didn’t know when to quit. The boy could run on excitement for days.

Pocketing his glasses, Jack walked deeper into the damp hollow. Finding his friend on the other side of a large rock, he sighed at the sight of him. Daniel was sitting cross-legged in the sand, hunched over his journal and a flashlight. Periodically, he’d look up at the wall in front of him, then back down at his journal, blink, furrow his brow, then look back up at the wall again—as if it would tell him all the secrets of life if he were just patient enough…or awake enough.

Because what he was was exhausted… and past the point where he realized it. Jack would bet he couldn’t even see what was written on the wall or the pages at this point.  It looked like the ole’ caffeine-for-decaf-switch was finally taking its toll. The fact that Daniel hadn’t noticed was testament enough to just how badly he needed rest.


Still no reply.

He was in the zone. A big, geeky zone. Jack had depended on that zone more than once over the years. Lives have been saved thanks to it. But, there were no lives in need of saving today, no answers desperately sought.

Walking closer, Jack knelt next to him. He was mumbling quietly—trying to figure out which scribbles stood for what. The only thing Jack knew for certain was that “S” stood for “sleeping”—which was what a certain archaeologist should be doing.

Daniel absently scratched at his cheek and Jack could see his hand trembling. He reached out and squeezed his shoulder. “Hey, time for a break, fella.”

The younger man unconsciously leaned into his touch, but didn’t take his eyes off the wall. “I just have to fini….” He trailed off when Jack gently took his glasses and tucked them into his own pocket.

Daniel turned and blinked owlishly at him. “Jack?”

There he is. “Daniel?” Jack parroted.

“What are you doing?” He didn’t notice when Jack took his journal too.

“Hitting the ‘off’ switch.”

“Wh—?” Daniel suddenly yawned widely.

“Need I say more?

The younger man stared at him blankly for a moment. When his eyelids started to droop, he asked, “Did Sam?”

“You betchya. Two pots ago.”

Groaning, Daniel closed his eyes, shoulders slumping.

The corner of Jack’s mouth turned up. “Come on.” Standing, he pulled Daniel up with him and held on until he stopped swaying. Daniel scrubbed at his face like a sleepy toddler and Jack regarded him fondly. “If you go willingly, maybe Teal’c will tell you a bed time story,” he teased lightly.

Already more asleep than not, Daniel’s brow furrowed. “Not the one about the blood-sucking goats,” he murmured, leaning into Jack as he slipped an arm over his shoulders.

“No? I kind of liked that one.” Pulling him in closer, Jack led his friend back out into the light. “Happy ending.”

The end.

07 February 2015 @ 10:00 pm
blaze of glorybanner
Title: Blaze of Glory
Vidder: dragonfly
Summary: "I never drew first, but I drew first blood." The boys being hawt and kicking @ass.
Warning: May include clips through 10x09.
A/N: Definitely the most challenging video I've ever done.
A/N2: Now available on YOUTUBE, though the streaming, I swear, seems to lag a bit.
A/N3: Sorry for the repost. Technologly does not like me tonight.
Also, MEGA HUGE thanks and hugs to gateslacker and sid for your support and input.

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I did this using an online photoshop program today because I needed some Hadrian and Royce STAT and the fandom is oh so little! *weeeeeps* I know it'll catch on, but it's taking it's good ole' time.

Royce and Hadrian Bromance
Edit: Okay, I had to add this. I just found this article by the author talking about bromance and Hadrian and Royce.

"...wasn’t until two years after I’d published the first Royce and Hadrian story that someone pointed out that it was like Butch and Sundance in Middle Earth."

26 September 2014 @ 01:51 pm
Title: Of Yesterday
Author: dragonfly
Genre: Gen
Summary: Fifty years from now, Dean waits for his little brother.
A/N: Something a little different. Yet, in the end…not at all.Read more...Collapse )
30 June 2014 @ 03:54 pm
I just love this video. It is crazy sweet, a little heartbreaking and definitely well done.
"And they said you were the crooked kind
And that you'd never have no worth
But you were always gold to me"

"I'm gonna be here until I'm nothing" by Alina0405video
Summary: Dean's love and devotion to Sam.
04 June 2014 @ 09:56 am
This one brought tears to my eyes. *spoilers through end of season 9*

31 May 2014 @ 09:51 pm
Title: Missed you, boss
Author: dragonfly
Genre: family, 06x02 missing scene, gen
Summary: Tony really, really missed Gibbs while he was Agent Afloat.
A/N: The scene after Gibbs and Ziva arrive when they’re going to see the coroner, Tony says, “I missed you, boss.” “Yeah, I know, DiNozzo,” Gibbs replies, as if recalling something that just happened—say, when they arrived. Hence ficlet. Hope you enjoy!


“Well, when do they get here?” he demanded, feeling excitement bubble up.

“Already have,” a familiar and more than welcomed voice said from behind.

He spun around and instantly smiled.

“Nice tan,” Ziva said, smiling back while Gibbs looked on fondly.

Without conscious thought, he hung up on McGee and Vance. Then he was walking towards them. Before he realized it, he had his arms wrapped around Gibbs.

Releasing a breath, he lowered his chin onto the back of Gibbs’ shoulder. Growing up, he never felt like he had a home—not really, not since his mother had died. Yet now, thousands of miles from D.C….he suddenly found himself home.  The tension that he had been carrying around for months slowly started to fade. He didn’t realize he was being talked to—or even that he was still hugging Gibbs, until a cool, callused hand palmed the back of his neck, and a smaller hand ran across his ribs. “I missed you, boss,” he said evenly.

“Yeah,” Gibbs rasped lightly, “I can see that.”

“How was your flight?”  He still hadn’t let go.

“Long, DiNozzo,” he answered, not unkindly. “Care to give a SitRep?”

Tony hesitated. “I missed you, boss.”

He felt the arms around him tighten. “Missed you too, Tony.”
31 May 2014 @ 09:44 pm
Title: Brothers without end
Author: dragonfly
Genre: gen, drama, brotherly love, 6x11 missing scene
Summary: When we grow up, will we still be brothers?
A/N: AU drabble taking place immediately after Sam’s soul is returned in 6x11. (Unbeta’d) Will possibly turn into multiple drabbles regarding the boys’ bond.


/ “When we grow up, will we still be brothers?” /

Death departed with a cryptic, “He will be…confused,” and Dean ran to Sam’s side in what felt like slow motion.

/ “What kind of question is that?” the ten year old asked, pulling the band on his slingshot back and letting go. The bolt ricocheted off one of the junked cars in Bobby’s yard. /

Dean fell to his knees next to the cot.

/ Sammy shrugged, keeping his head down as he played with a little block of wood he was pretending was a toy car on the front porch.

“Sam?” Dean took his brother’s lax face in his hands. “Hey, come on, man, you’re okay...”

/ “Sometimes…” the boy started softly, “sometimes people just grow apart, dad said.”/

“Come on, open your eyes,” Dean urged, desperate to see his brother in them, desperate to see Sammy in them.

/ Dean lowered the slingshot and regarded his little brother with a seriousness many wouldn’t have imagined a boy his age could manage. “Not us, Sammy,” he said gravely./

Sam opened his eyes.

/ “Not us.”/